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Love your curves and wear what you want without thigh chafing with Bandelettes® !

Love wearing shorts, skirts or dresses with bare legs in the summer, but you won´t because of the painful inner thigh chafing? You are not the only one. The beautiful lace, anti-rubbing, thigh bands of Bandelettes are specially designed to solve this problem. With Bandelettes you can wear what you want, when you want to and simply enjoy your day.

Features & Benefits

  • Bandelettes® thigh bands are soft bands for your thighs. They are specially designed to protect your inner thighs from the painful rubbing, all day long!

  • They are an elegant solution for irritation and scarring from painful skin to skin rubbing. They are very comfortable to wear and highly functional at the same time.

  • They are a light weight and breathing alternative for wearing long warm underwear or leggings, made of beautiful soft stretch lace.

  • You can be sure your thigh bands won´t slip down because of the anti slip silicone on the top and bottom of the bands.

  • The lace Bandelettes® thigh bands are available in two styles; Onyx and Dolce. The Onyx model Bandelettes® are 14 cm in length, a little shorter then the Dolce which is 15,2 cm, ideal if you are little more petite. Both models are soft to wear and give your legs a sexy look. No worries when they peep out from under your dress!

  • Wear your Bandelettes® underneath your clothes, either as an extra layer or when wearing a dress or skirt with bare legs. They also look gorgeous as fashion accessory underneath a short or mini skirt.

If you love your thighs, your thighs will love wearing Bandelettes®!
  • Please measure you thighs before ordering your pair. Simply put a measuring tape around the fullest part of your thighs while standing and on bare legs. Note the cm, this is your size.
Place your order on a business day before 10 p.m. and it’s send to you the same day! 
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Bandelettes; Measuring & Wearing Tips

The thigh bands of Bandelettes® have their own sizing based on the circumference of your thighs. Please have a look at our measuring instructions before ordering your pair.

How to measure your size ?

  • Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the fullest part of your thigh;

  • Measure your thighs on bare skin while standing;

  • Do not measure over clothes;

  • Make sure that, when you circle your thighs, the tape is level and neither too tight nor too loose. Just as it feels right for you;

  • Measure both your thighs, is there a difference, choose then the size of your smallest thigh circumference;

  • If your size falls between our sizes, please select the smaller size to prevent the bands from sliding down.

Bandelettes wearing tips & tricks:

  • When wearing Bandelettes thigh bands, do not use moisturizing creams, oils, or talcum powder, because they all reduce the grip and friction of the silicone bands.
  • Should wearing Bandelettes thigh bands cause any discomfort, please stop wearing them.
  • Wear your Bandelettes just below your buttocks, not on or against your bum, as the thigh bands might otherwise roll down because of movement.
  • If your thigh bands do roll down when they are in the right place you have most likely chosen a size to small.
  • If your skin is a bit lose it may push through the little holes of the lace model Bandelettes. If this is the case the Unisex Bandelettes are the better choice to prevent thigh chafing.
Love your curves and wear what you want with the original thigh bands of Bandelettes!   The only thigh bands you want to wear.

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Size A: (53 – 57 cm / 21"- 22"), Size B: (58 – 62 cm / 23"- 24"), Size C: (63 – 67 cm / 25"- 26"), Size D: (68 – 72 cm / 27"- 28"), Size E: (73 – 77 cm / 29"- 30"), Size F: (78 – 81 cm / 31"- 32")



Fabrics Lace Bandelettes

Elasthane 10%, Nylon 90%, Silicone

Washing instructions

Drip dry, Handwash, No bleaching, No Ironing, No Tumble dry

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