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Bandelettes® Thigh Bands

The attractive solution for the painful chafing of the upper inner thighs when wearing a dress with bare legs.


Bandelettes® are elegant thighbands that protect and provide comfort against chafing of the inner thighs,
no matter what’s your size!

On warm, sunny days many ladies like to wear a dress or skirt with bare legs. However, in many cases, this becomes a very painful experience because of the chafing of the upper inner thighs. The Bandelettes® prevent this problem very elegantly.

They are a lightweight and beautiful alternative to warm bicycle shorts or leggings women wear to avoid thigh chafing.

The lace Bandelettes® thigh bands are luxurious wardrobe additions that not only effectively addresses the problem of thigh chafing, but also helps to enhance style, thus integrating fashion and functionality in one ingenious product.

The assumption that Bandelettes® are just for plus sized ladies and gentlemen couldn’t be further from the truth. Believe it or not, the top selling sizes are “B” and “C” meaning that the majority of the customers actually have an average European size medium to large.

Bandelettes Dolce Chocolate on model
Black lace Bandelettes, model Dolce
Soft Unisex Bandelettes makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

The Bandelettes® will stay put throughout the whole day due to two silicone rows on the top and bottom of the bands.


The Bandelettes® thigh bands are available in lace and microfibre.

The lace Bandelettes® are made from comfortable, delicately crafted, soft stretch lace, of 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane. They are available in the colours beige, white, red, black and chocolate brown. The lace Bandelettes® come in two styles, the Dolce line and the Onyx line. The Onyx line is the longest running line and very popular, the Dolce line is our latest addition and already widely loved.

The Unisex Bandelettes® for him and her are available in smooth, soft microfiber of 82% Nylon and 18% Elastane. They come in the colours black, beige and chocolate brown.  The Unisex Bandelettes® have a more sporty look and are ideal to wear when sporting. 

However, the smooth unisex bands are also perfect to wear underneath a thight skirt of thin fabric.  The Dolce and Unisex line are 15,2 cm in length. The Onyx line is a little shorter, almost 14 cm in length, perfect for the more petite women.

How to measure your thighs

The Bandelettes® have their own sizing based on the circumference of the upper thighs. Please have a look at the video explaining how to best measure the thighs to be able to select the right size:

  • Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the fullest part of your thigh;
  • Measure your thighs on bare skin, not over clothes and in standing position;
  • Make sure that, when you circle your thighs, the tape is level and neither too tight nor too loose. Just as it feels right for you.
  • Measure both your thighs, is there a difference, choose then the size of the smallest thigh circumference.

Bandelettes® sizes:

Size A:(53 - 57 cm / 21”- 22”)
Size B:(58 - 62 cm / 23”- 24”)
Size C:(63 - 67 cm / 25”- 26”)
Size D:(68 - 72 cm / 27”- 28”)
Size E:(73 - 77 cm / 29”- 30”)
Size F:(78 - 81 cm / 31”- 32”)

Tips when wearing the Bandelettes® thigh bands

We advice not wear body lotions, oils or talcum powder, when you wear Bandelettes® as they all reduce the friction of the silicone.

Make sure the Bandelettes® are worn on your leg and not on or against your buttocks, they might otherwise roll down when walking.

Women from all different walks of life love wearing Bandelettes® whether they’re into being glamorous and sexy, or are serious runners and athletes!

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Wearing Bandelettes and feeling comfortable all day?

Do Bandelettes® stay put? Sure they do. Even during the most intense dance moves!

Bandelettes Dance