Most women are not blessed with a so called thigh gap and therefore their thighs can rub against each other causing painful irritations on the inner thighs. Believe it or not, but men can also suffer from inner thigh chafing. Especially during the more pleasant temperatures of spring, summer and autumn, more people suffer from chafing thighs due to increased sweating in those seasons.

Men have obviously more solutions available to them then women, like wearing a longer short or simply pants. But sometimes even that doesn’t help sufficiently, especially when being active. They feel like an extra buffer is needed. That’s where the unisex thigh bands come in. The unisex Bandelettes® look great under gym shorts and provide a buffer along the inner thighs. 

The unisex Bandelettes® are therefore also becoming increasingly more popular amongst athletic fashion-forward men that suffer from inner thigh chafing. They wear them, for example, when running a marathon or playing other sports like tennis or football. The unisex bands provide an extra buffer and therefore eliminate possible skin irritation on the inner thighs during the run. This skin irritation is actually a very common problem with professional Marathon runners. Same as with the nipple irritation they can have during the marathon. The Bandelettes® can not solve the latter problem, but skin irritation on the inner thighs is for ever in the past with the Bandelettes® thigh bands!

This is one of our Bandelettes® thigh bands that is very suitable for men; neutral, without lace and with a sporty look: Bandelettes Unisex in black

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