Desde las páginas de Vogue hasta Aphrodite; mujeres de todo el mundo comparten cómo Bandelettes® ha cambiado sus vidas y sus vestuarios de forma muy positiva.


Thigh Bands that Prevent Chafing of the Thighs

JULY 24, 2019

The Bandelettes® are also airy and comfortable to wear, and are a great alternative to the warm cycling shorts or leggings. (Article written in Dutch)

Bandelettes-Europe-featured in LingerieNet

Lifesaver: Here's what you need to prevent your thighs from chafing!

JULY 24, 2019

There is just one thing stopping you from wearing your short skirt during the summer: your chafing thighs. (Article written in Dutch)

Bandelettes- in Vogue

Why The Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands On The Chromat Runway Are A Body-Positive Win

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017

For Spring 2018, the designer took her messaging a step further, outfitting two models with varying silhouettes in anti-chafing thigh bands by Bandelettes.

Bandelettes-featured in The-Guardian

Thighs The Limit: How To Cure 'Chub Rub'

AUGUST 22, 2013

Whenever I see a gorgeous plus-size girl sauntering down the street in a skirt or a dress on a hot summer’s day the first thought that passes through my mind is always “what’s going on underneath?”


These Thigh ‘Bandelettes’ Are Your Secret Weapon For Preventing Thigh Chafing This Summer

JULY 24, 2019

These pretty anti-chafing thigh bands have already racked up over 2,600 perfect reviews on Amazon.


A Pair Of These Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands Sells Every 5 Minutes On Amazon

JULY 24, 2019

"They don’t slip, don’t show through dresses, and won’t leave red marks — what’s not to love?"

Bandelettes-in Glam

8 Products To Prevent Painful Thigh Chafing This Summer – And Beyond

JULY 24, 2019

These thigh bands stay in place and provide all-day protection — even on your sweatiest summer day


These Bands Prevent A Painful Problem Tons Of Women Suffer From

JUNE 14, 2019

These stretchy bands were light, sturdy, and effective barriers to uncomfortable friction — and surprisingly attractive, too.


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