Do the Bandelettes stay put?

Bandelettes Dolce Bands, plussize fashion

Bandelettes® are perfect to help prevent painful inner thigh chafing, but people do ask us sometimes; Do the Bandelettes stay put?

The simple and shortest answer is, YES! When the size is right for you, they will stay put.

Therefore, most importantly is to first make sure you have got the right size. If they are too small they will roll up, no question about that. When you measure your thighs, measure them on the fullest part and make sure your measuring tape is not too tight or too loose, just as it feels right on your thighs. Also measure while standing and not over your clothes.

Everyone is however different and so is the shape of our legs, thighs and buttocks. The way they stay put is therefore for everyone slightly different.

It helps though, to make sure when you wear them, Bandelettes Dolce beige hosiery noveltythat the bands are behind not on or against your buttocks. You can imagine that if that is the case, the bands will start to roll up due to the movement of your buttocks and your legs. So, how to wear them best?

Ofcourse you want the bands to be up high enough on your inner thighs to prevent the chafing. So, the best way to wear them is to pull them up and put them high enough on your inner thighs just as they feel right and help against the chafing. Check how the bands are sitting behind. If they touch your buttocks or are on the edge where your thigh ends and your buttocks begins, just pull them down there a little bit, maybe a cm or 2. Just far enough so the bands are not against your buttocks. Of course hold the bands in place on your inner thighs.

You basically wear them slightly at an angle, as you can see on the pictures. So, they are placed little higher on the inside of your thighs and little lower on the back and outside of your thighs. This way, your Bandelettes® do their job and will not roll up. When you are wearing them like this, “you will forget you are wearing them”, as one of our customers mentioned.

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