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Bandelettes® also for men!

Most women are not blessed with a so called thigh gap and therefore their thighs can rub against each other causing painful irritations on the inner thighs. Believe it or not, but men can also suffer from inner thigh chafing. Especially during the more pleasant temperatures of spring, summer and autumn, more people suffer from […]

The original bandelettes lace bands in 5 colours,

Bandelettes® featured in Aphrodite Pro Lingerie Magazine

Aphrodite Pro magazine is known to present to store owners the new collections in Lingerie, Hosiery and Beach Wear. They look to inspire you for the next summer season! We are very proud Bandelettes® thigh bands are featured in it’s latest edition. Most women know about the the painfull, irritating feeling on the inner thighs […]


Bandelettes® thigh bands only for plus sized women?

Bandelettes® thigh bands are designed for women of all shapes and sizes. To make them feel confortable in their own skin without having to worry about the painful chub rub or thigh chafing! Chances are that if you are not in the small percentage of women with a thigh gap you are well aware of […]

Bandelettes beige Unisex shown on NYFW runway

Vogue about Bandelettes® at NY Fashion week

The topic of size diversity on the runways has been heating up in recent seasons, with New York Fashion Week designers embracing a wider range of model body types in their shows. But for Chromat’s Becca McCharen-Tran, a spirit of inclusivity is nothing new. Since establishing her young fashion house in […]