Bandelettes® featured in Aphrodite Pro Lingerie Magazine

Aphrodite Pro magazine is known to present to store owners the new collections in Lingerie, Hosiery and Beach Wear. They look to inspire you for the next summer season! We are very proud Bandelettes® thigh bands are featured in it’s latest edition.

Most women know about the the painfull, irritating feeling on the inner thighs one can have when wearing a dress or skirt with bare legs in the summer. There are really no elegant solutions for this problem and unfortunately only a very small percentage of women have a so called thigh gap. Leggings, bicycle shorts, talcum pouder, vasciline, long underwear, men’s boxers or simply stop wearing dresses, are all mentioned “solutions”. They are however not solutions that make one feel pretty or comfortable.

The Bandelettes® are the solution! They are light to wear, look elegant, gives you a sexy feeling by celebrating your curves and they solve the problem of thigh chafing very effectively. This is why more and more women love the Bandelettes® thigh bands and they are right!

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