Our Story


"Thigh chafing is a problem many women have had to struggle with their entire lives."

Marielle, partner of Compendium Ventures, suffered also from thigh chafing, specially during warm weather, when she liked to wear a skirt or dress.

She tried many things, like talcum pouder which only lasts a very short time or anti chafing shorts which she found to be too warm and not very attractive to wear.

She searched for a solution to prevent the rubbing of the thighs, but she also wanted it to look nice under her dresses. Tights or other hosiery were not the solution, because with nice weather one likes to wear their dress with bare legs. She discovered there were no satisfying solutions available at that time.

She discovered also that she wasn’t the only one with the problem, but that many were frustrated with this. What we came across to is that chafing thighs are an issue that is shockingly common but rarely discussed!

When Mariëlle found the Bandelettes® they were for her a life changer! She never worries anymore about the painful chafing of her thighs and she can wear any skirt or dress she likes. On top of that they look really elegant and sexy even!

When we realized the Bandelettes® were not widely available in Europe it became our mission to increase availibilty, so all women could enjoy the solution. Whether they’re into being glamorous and sexy, or are serious runners and athletes. Because no one should have to suffer from the painful chafing of the upper inner thighs, no matter what’s your size!

We became the official representatives of Bandelettes® for Europe under Compendium Ventures VOF which is established in the Netherlands. As representatives we operate as agent and distributor for Europe.

Bandelettes® are an excellent addition in stores selling lingerie & hosiery, sports clothing, plus size fashion or for example brides fashion.

When you are based in Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our aim is to embrace curves by offering everyone a practical and beautiful solution for chafing thighs

in the form of the comfortable and sexy Bandelettes®!